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Help Needed For Landlords To Make Rental Home Improvements

14 August 2018

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) is calling on the government to provide more help for landlords who want to make energy efficiency improvements to their properties.

According to the organisation, there is far more that could be done to incentivise landlords to make changes that will boost the energy efficiency of their properties, thereby leading to lower bills for their tenants.

One of the things they’re calling for is for more energy efficiency improvements to be tax deductible. They argue that any improvements recommended on a property’s energy performance certificate (EPC) should be tax deductible.

The RLA explained that this would encourage “a culture of continuous improvements to properties rather than simply meeting set targets and leaving them there”.

PEARL, the research body for the RLA, recently revealed that 37 per cent of landlords that currently own properties that are rated G or F on their EPC are unable to afford the necessary repairs to get the property up to an E rating.

This is the minimum standard set by the government, and one that is due to come into force later this year.

However, the organisation noted that great strides have been made by landlords in this respect. In 2006, just over 25 per cent of rental properties had an energy efficiency rating of G or F. By 2016 this had fallen to just under seven per cent.

Among the top energy efficiency measures that can be taken is replacing windows in Liverpool, or wherever you live, to prevent too much heat escaping - or this summer to help ensure your property stays cool regardless of what the weather is doing outside.

David Smith, RLA policy director, commented: “Energy efficient homes are good for tenants and good for landlords. That is why we need to use taxation far better than we do at present.”

There are a range of benefits to making energy efficiency improvements around the home, new research from the University of Manchester has found. According to its study, 27,500 premature deaths due to the cold could be averted.

In addition, €2.9 billion of money could be saved by energy efficiency improvements that tackle asthma morbidity from indoor dampness.

If you live in a home with a conservatory, whether rented or owned, it’s worth considering how you can make this space more energy efficient.

For conservatories with glass roofs, installing ceiling blinds could be sensible. Or, if you have the money, replacing the ceiling with a solid roof is a great option. This not only means the space will be cooler during the hot summer months, but also that it’s better insulated when it comes to the winter.

We recently noted some of the wellbeing and health improvements you can benefit from when you upgrade your windows or doors.

Even replacing old windows with new glazing can have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing, by making your home a more consistent temperature throughout the year, not to mention ensuring it’s more secure than it was previously.

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