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Sliding Patio Doors in Liverpool

Sliding Patio Doors Liverpool

Vision Home Improvements use Elitis brand patio doors for all of our patio door installations. Elitis patio doors are manufactured following exacting British Standards to glide open to welcome the fresh air, and slide smoothly closed to shut out the worst of the elements.

High performance double glazed sealed units keep the cold and noise at bay, while careful attention to security keeps out unwelcome visitors.

Quick trouble-free installation

Elitis patio doors are designed so they can be installed with the absolute minimum of disruption. The multi-chambered slim-line frames mean that we can usually replace existing windows without cutting back your plaster, preserving your interior decoration.


We take your security very seriously. All our patio doors are fitted with latches that are protected inside steel keeps making them virtually impossible to access by force. Many intruders attempt to force patio doors by lifting them off their mountings, so Elities doors are fitted with anti-lift devices, while the six point locking system defeats even the most determined criminal.

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