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1 in 5 Couples ‘Not On Same Page’ With Home Improvements

20 June 2018

Big, beautiful bi-fold doors in your Liverpool home will probably be something you both agree on that you love - but if only all decisions were so easy when it comes to renovating! Every little detail needs to be chosen, and this isn’t so easy when both parties involved have strong opinions about different elements of the plan, whether that be the type of windows, or the overall plan down to something as tiny as the skirting board colour.

According to a new study carried out by Independent Network, home improvements are the cause of millions of fallouts between couples. Across the UK, 2,000 men and women were questioned for the research, with one in six of them admitting to having fallen out with their partner over home renovations and DIY.

Of the respondents, almost half of people asked said that carrying out improvements on their home was an extremely stressful time. One in five even said that either one or the other had not been happy or agreed to carry out work in the first place, with 16 per cent saying one of the main subjects of conflict was not agreeing on a budget to carry out the work.

Also found was that 65 per cent of the time, it was women who would put forward a home improvement suggestions and ideas, but when it came to getting the best deal seven out of ten men said this task was carried out by them. One in ten said they were not happy with the price they had eventually paid for the work once the job was finished and that the quality of the work wasn’t carried out to a high enough standard.

It’s no surprise then that 53 per cent wished they had gathered more quotes from professionals before settling on one and a quarter thought that they could have got the same quality of work for cheaper elsewhere.

The research also found that most homeowners find contractors to carry out work through word of mouth recommendations from friends and family, followed by directly ringing up numerous companies to ask for prices. On average people waited until they had at least three quotes before choosing one. A surprising 28 per cent of people felt confident enough to not call in professionals and chose to carry out the work by themselves.

The top five improvements homeowners choose to carry out was a new bathroom at the top of the list, secondly giving their garden space an overhaul, next was to install a brand new kitchen, forth updating their homes central heating system and replacing the boiler for a new model and finally replacing windows for double glazed ones.

Before beginning any project, it’s important to understand what effect the work will have on your home, and therefore everyday life, as even small projects can have an emotional impact. Choosing a company that’s well known and has a great customer rate of satisfaction should be a key concern, as a poor result could lead to the most stressful situation of all.

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