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How To Reduce The Noise Of Summer At Home

22 June 2018

This time of year is certainly a delightful one, with bright sunshine and warm sunny days welcoming us each time we leave the house. But as wonderful as the summer months are, they can also be a little bit on the noisier side when compared to winter, as people spend more time outside… and if you live in a busy residential area, you could soon start to feel as though your peace and quiet has all but disappeared.

But the good news is that you don’t have to carry on living like this and if you feel that it’s got to the point where the noise is starting to have an impact on your health and wellbeing, it’s definitely time to take action.

So what can you do to help reduce outside noise at home? Creating a barrier is a good idea as this will help to block out noise. Consider installing a solid fence or something like a masonry wall to truly deaden sound, although if you’d prefer something a bit more aesthetically pleasing trees or some hedgerow might be the way to go. Going for something evergreen if you want to go down the tree route is wise because this will provide you with noise protection all year round.

These days, you can also invest in something called laminated acoustic glass which can really help to reduce noise levels at home. This interesting product controls noise by reflecting it back towards its source while also absorbing the noise energy within the glass.

There are several ways you can improve glass’s sound insulation, whether it’s by increasing the thickness of the pane itself, fitting laminated glass by itself or fitting it as part of an insulating glass unit. You could also try out noise reduction window film first if you’re put off by the expense of redoing your windows and want to get an idea of how effective this might be first. Check out even more window soundproofing ideas on the DIY Doctor website.

If you’re having conservatories installed at your Liverpool home, it might be wise to use this kind of glass from the outset to help save you from having to shell out for it later down the line.

While you’re outside, there’s not much you can do to stop the noise from intruding into the garden beyond installing a barrier as already mentioned above – but you could help to drown it out by investing in water features and so on. The sound of water is particularly calming and will certainly help you to relax – and you’ll have a stunning garden feature to show off to all your friends as well.

If you are thinking of doing some home improvements over the next few months, and with a few Bank Holidays coming up you’re sure to be doing a few renovations here and there, try to be a good neighbour as well and don’t make too much noise yourself. Perhaps this will help inspire them next door to do the same for you!

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