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How To Know Whether To Repair Or Replace Windows?

11 October 2018

Many property owners are daunted by the prospect of replacing all the windows of their house, but sometimes installing new windows in their Liverpool home is necessary.

Here is a simple guide to help you work out when it is time to repair your windows and when you should take the jump and replace them all.

- Single-glazing = Replace

Double-glazing is not a new concept and has been commonly fitted in British houses since the 1970s. Some period properties might still have single-glazed panes, but these are far and few between, simply due to the energy-saving properties of double-glazed windows.

Double-glazing works by having two panes of glass with argon gas in between them. As argon is a poor conductor of heat, it helps to stop any warm air from escaping through the window into the outside world.

In addition to this, having a second pane of glass means there is another barrier to stop heat escaping through, thereby keeping your home warmer.

Not only is this appealing during the winter months, as few people like to come home to a freezing house after a long day at work, but it is also good for energy bills. By trapping hot air inside, homeowners need to rely on their central heating less and can cut down on how much energy they need to warm up their home.

Therefore, if you still have single-glazed windows, it might be time to replace them with double-glazed ones to save money on your heating bills.

- Rotting frames = Repair

If you have window frames that appear to be rotting or mould has started forming on the inside of your window, this is a sign condensation is forming due to the temperature difference between the outside and inside of the house.

Condensation appearing in between the glass panels indicates a break in the seal of the double-glazing, which means the double-glazing is ineffective and not working.

However, if there is only a little amount of moisture forming on the outside of the panels, it might just be a case of opening your window from time to time to reduce the amount of condensation forming. Alternatively, you could use a dehumidifier, especially in areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms, to soak up some of the excess moisture in the air.

- Cracks = Replace

It can be easy to overlook a simple crack or chip in the window, but just like you can’t ignore these in car windscreens, you shouldn’t in your home windows. This is because the problem can easily and quickly escalate, leaving lasting damage to the rest of your house.

The crack can expand to affect the entire pane, and if this ends up shattering, it can be very dangerous to those inside and outside of the property. As well as posing a health and safety risk, having a cracked – or subsequently shattered – glass means lots of heat will be lost through the window.

It is not worth leaving this problem to get worse as the winter months progress, and far more beneficial to replace a cracked window as soon as you discover it.

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