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How To Make Use Of Your Conservatory In The Winter

15 October 2018

Conservatories are typically reserved for summer use, allowing the sunlight of the summer months to flood through the room, brightening it up and warming up the space. However, it seems like such a waste to shut off an entire room for winter every year, when there are many ways you can still the make the most of your conservatory when the weather turns cold.

- Heating it up

Of course, one of the most common reasons for avoiding the conservatory during winter is because they get incredibly cold, not being connected to the main central heating system.

However, there are a few simple ways you can heat it up that will make it a cosy, homely space all year round.

A large shaggy rug, for instance, can work wonders at reducing heat loss, or even keeping your feet warm when entering from the main house. Some people opt for under-floor heating for an even more sumptuous feel, which will certainly ensure your toes will never be chilly.

You could also store plenty of blankets and cushions on your conservatory sofa, as these soft furnishings not only keep the area warm, but they make the room feel much cosier.

Fitting blinds is another effective way of making it feel warmer, helping to limit the amount of heat lost through the windows. Of course, these also have a purpose for the summer months as well, as they can be pulled down to reduce the glare that shines through the window from the sun.

If you wanted your conservatory to act as another part of your house all year-round, there is also the option of extending your central heating. However, you will need to look into the appropriate building regulations, as conservatories require a heating system that is controlled distinctly to the rest of the property.

You don’t necessarily need central heating in there to stay warm though, and you could always fit an electric heater, providing a good source of heat to the room whenever it gets too chilly.

- Replacing the roof

Most of the heat loss from conservatories during the winter months is through the roof, which is why it might be advantageous to replace this with a solid model if you plan to use the room throughout the year.

Instead of a glass roof, you can opt for a Guardian Warm replacement roof in Liverpool, which will help maintain a consistent temperature for the room and improve its energy efficiency. These also reduce exterior noise and can be designed to match the rest of your house, keeping in style with the property’s period and look.

- Opt for an orangery

Of course, if you are thinking of installing a conservatory but are really worried about being able to get use out of the space during the coldest time of the year, maybe an orangery is more what you are looking for.

While similar to a conservatory, these are made out of more bricks and an internal pelmet is fitted around the inside of the roof. This makes the room feel more like an extension of your home, as opposed to a separate room entirely.

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