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Why New Windows Could Boost Your Home Security

31 October 2018

If you’re thinking of making some home improvements this autumn, you could do worse than to invest in new sash windows in Liverpool. Boosting your home security is always a good idea, but especially at this time of the year.

A recent article for About Manchester explained why installing modern windows will make it less likely that your home will be targeted by thieves.

It focused particularly on sash windows, noting that new sash windows offer a number of security benefits over their older counterparts, without compromising on style. For example, traditional sash windows can often have mechanical failures.

This can make them easier to open, as well as difficult to close, both of which can pose a security risk. Because they are typically single glazed, it is also much easier for a burglar to gain access to a property by smashing them.

Single glazing also presents issues when it comes to energy efficiency. You’re likely to find that you see your energy bills drop and your home get warmer if you replace single-glazed sash windows with double-glazed ones.

What’s more, the frames of new sash windows tend to be made of robust materials, such as UPVC that’s designed to look like wood, so that it doesn’t appear out of place on a period property.

Don’t forget to check the security of any new windows you select too. You should ensure they have Secured by Design-accredited fitch locks fitted to them, the news provider added.

Given that one in ten people have moved home following a burglary, it’s worth spending a bit of money to make your property as secure as possible and reduce the likelihood that you’ll feel the need to move as a result of a break in.

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