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Renovating Your Home? Make Sure You Have The Paperwork

04 September 2018

Whatever kind of home improvement project you’re undertaking, whether it’s fitting aluminium windows in Liverpool or having a loft conversion carried out, you need to ensure that you have all the right paperwork.

Although this might not seem important to you, when you come to sell your property it could be.

Property Reporter recently highlighted some of the pitfalls homeowners fall into when it comes to making home improvements, and struggling to recoup the money they’ve spent when they sell and move on.

One common issue highlighted by Hitachi Personal Finance is not having the right paperwork for a project. Surveyor David Hall told the news provider that any extension or loft conversion that’s carried out post-1983 is subject to building controls.

That means it should be insulated, but if you don’t have the right paperwork and the surveyor is unable to check, they will have to assume that insulation isn’t present, downgrading your EPC in the process.

With new windows and doors, it’s worth keeping the paperwork to show when they were fitted, and what warranty they have.

Mr Hall added that a growing number of buyers are using the EPC “as part of their negotiations, generally with a view to reduce the purchase price of a property”.

Aside from the money you can save on heating bills by having better quality windows and doors, there could be other benefits. Research published last month by Swansea University found that those living in damp homes are more likely to develop health problems.

Fitting new windows, doors and better insulation can help keep a house free from damp problems and make it warmer in the winter.

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