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Top Plants To Bring Your Conservatory To Life

17 April 2019

With sun finally shining after months of cold weather and dark afternoons it's not surprising this has rejuvenated an interest in gardening for many Brits keen on adding some colour to their outdoor spaces.

With the recent batch of cold weather due to come to an end just in time for the Easter weekend, there are plenty of beautiful flowers that can be planted in your conservatory, giving you that warm summer feeling even when it is miserable and grey outside.

Citrus trees
The best plants to grow in a conservatory are ones that love bright sunlight and don’t crave the shade. That is why citrus trees, including lemon and orange, are ideal for these extensions, as they thrive in sunny weather, according to an article in Country Life.

While it might not feel like the dry hills of Spain or the sizzling Sicilian weather in your home, the great thing about Liverpool conservatories is that you can control the temperature of the room easily – so it needn’t feel as though you are in Liverpool at all.

In fact, the north-west of England will be far form your mind when you can smell the fresh scent of lemons or oranges throughout your house.

Scented flowers
If you want your conservatory flowers not only to look beautiful but also smell lovely too, why not choose scented plants?

Herbs are a great choice, as these can be grown in containers so don’t take up too much room. What’s more, as many people choose to build their conservatories next to their kitchen, you can easily grab some fresh herbs to add to your cooking when you need it.

Herbs, especially the likes of basil, rosemary and coriander, have strong scents that will make the home feel fresh.

Alternatively, you could opt for fragrant flowers such as jasmine, stephanotis or cyclamen for their beautiful smells.

Bright colours
When it is grey and raining outside, having some brightly coloured flowers indoors can really lift your mood, particularly at the end of a long winter. That is why it is a good idea to buy some plants like Mandevila, which add a much-needed splash of colour to a home.

Emma Parkin, of Marston & Langinger Garden Rooms, told the website: “Invest in a Mandevilla, reliable for colour most of the year with vibrant-pink trumpets and deep green, shiny foliage.”

Sculptural plants
Homeowners who not only want their indoor greenery to brighten up their house, but to add some structure to their rooms as well could consider large dramatic plants that become the focus of attention.

Joe Perkins recently told Country Living that “exotic-style plants with architectural leaves and stems making bold statements” are ideal for indoors as well as outside.

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