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DIY ‘Top Source Of Tension’ For Couples Over 50

25 January 2019

Every couple argues, whether they’ve been together for six months or for most of their lives… but sometimes the sources of these arguments can, upon reflection, seem really rather trivial, wouldn’t you agree? Do you really want to spend your days fighting with your other half over the replacement roof for your Liverpool home, after all?

Interestingly, however, it seems that home improvements – and specifically, DIY – is a big source of contention for couples above a certain age. New research from SunLife Direct has just revealed that for couples over the age of 50, DIY, money and cleaning are the main sources of tension, followed by taking up too much room in bed and being lazy.

Of those asked, one in six couples admitted that the biggest issues they argue about were DIY and home improvements, with non-life products director at the company Simon Stanney saying that it’s perhaps unsurprising that DIY is so contentious, given that it takes time and money.

“And, when you consider that on average, people over 55 have lived in their homes for 24 years, it is likely that many of these properties are in need of a bit of improvement,” Mr Stanney went on to add.

“Our research reveals that 62 per cent of over-55s categorically did not want to downsize, which means a solution for many could be to unlock some of the value in their homes via equity release, which could ease their money problems and maybe even pay for those home improvements that are causing so many arguments.”

Of course, there’s going to be stress and irritation when you’re doing up a property and while it would be nice to think that everything will go swimmingly, so much of what you’re doing will be out of your control that your patience (and your relationship) will certainly be tested at least once, probably a lot more.

Differing preferences, money and having to make lots of decisions will all put you both to the test, so make sure that you prioritise communication above anything else so the majority of decisions can be made before the job even begins. It’s also important, particularly if you’re undertaking a major remodel of your home, to ensure that you take a break and get rid of all that stress on a regular basis. If the job is likely to take a few months, this is especially vital so that you can remind yourselves why you’re doing it… and that you do love each other really.

Perhaps consider setting up a safe room at home where you can both escape the chaos of the renovation work. And, whenever you can afford it, get out of the house and go for a lovely dinner for two at your favourite restaurant so you’re not constantly feeling overwhelmed by what you’ve undertaken.

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