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An Introduction to Timeless Flush Sash Windows

06 September 2019

Timeless Windows are a unique type of window that are crafted from PVC-U (or Poly Vinyl Chloride Un-plasticised but as that is a bit of a mouthful we'll stick with PVC-U!)

Timeless Windows are expertly designed to imitate the appearance of 19th century timber sash windows, boasting a more traditional appearance that is more in keeping with properties from this time period.

Period houses can often be associated with damp and cold due to aged, ill-fitting windows or old single glazing. A Timeless Window can look as striking as a genuine period window however offering compelling advantages over traditional timber windows - they will never need sanding or repainting and will never rot, split or swell. A simple wipe with a damp cloth will keep your windows looking their best for years to come.

They also have the additional benefit of being extremely energy efficient, keeping your property warmer and offering potential to lower your energy bills.

Safety and security of Timeless Windows

Looking the part isn't always enough, windows are also of course a crucial part of your properties security and Timeless Windows help achieve a safer and more secure house for you and your family.

Each Timeless Window offers multipoint locking and features industry-leading hardware in the form of stylish key-locking handles. The multi-chamber construction of the window frames ensures impressive structural strength.

Timeless Windows meets or exceeds all British Standards and holds relevant accreditations for all aspects of security and weatherproofing.

Customisation options

We offer a wide range of different styles to ensure your new windows fit perfectly in your property, thanks to a wide range of different high quality colour and woodgrain finishes ensuring you can retain the traditional aesthetic of your property.

Built to last, they’re regularly approved for usage with period houses and even in conservation areas, although they’re a perfect fit for any home, regardless of age or style.

The Timeless window has become extremely popular, so much so that we have just had 8 new Timeless windows in our showroom installed showing some of the new colours and woodgrains. What I love about the timeless window is the versatility of it, we can make the window design completely imitate a timber window as the system was originally designed for but have also discovered that when put together in certain styles and colours it can look ultra-modern. All this with the security, efficiency and low maintenance of a modern UPVC windows I can see Timeless eventually taking over the standard storm sash window in the future.
The Timeless window is the future of windows!

- Kris Vidamour
Owner, Vision Home Improvements

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Vision Home Improvements are proud to offer and install the full range of Timeless Windows to our customers in Liverpool and across the North West.

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