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Why should I consider bi-fold doors for my house?

13 August 2020

Considering adding bi-fold doors to your property? We can certainly see why! Bi-fold doors add more character to a home, and they enable homeowners to take advantage of the natural lighting around their property. The following information will outline the benefits of installing bi-fold doors, as well as the types of bi-fold doors that are most popular with homeowners.

Benefits of bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are usually made of aluminium or timber. This means that you can have a lightweight door or a heavier, more natural door. Whichever you choose, the structure of the door will still be perfectly sound. The main difference is the aesthetic, but we’ll go further into the types of bi-fold door that are available later.

The design of a bi-fold door allows more light to come into your home. They’re popular in a range of spaces, big and small. Many homeowners choose to install a bi-fold door in place of a standard rear entrance door. They’re also used in patios, conservatories, and in homes where the kitchen opens out onto the garden.

These doors are perfect for small spaces because they let in more light than a standard window or door is able to. The beauty of bi-fold doors is that it’s possible to have two doors in a corner that meet each other. Potentially, you could open up an entire section of your rear-facing room to the light that your garden gets.

Bi-folding doors are quite easy to install, too. With Vision Home Improvements, our dedicated team have installed plenty of bi-fold doors since we started our business. Each member of our team is friendly, experienced, and are more than happy to talk you through the process of installing a bi-folding door, as well as the features a bi-fold door can give you.

The thing about most properties is that the interior and exterior of the house feel very separated. Other than windows and a large rear door, there’s no other way to view your back garden and the sights that it offers. That’s why bi-fold doors are so perfect! They can unite the interior and exterior of your home in a stylish, functional way.

You won’t need any kind of extension to have bi-folding doors fitted, which makes them even more desirable.

Types of bi-fold doors and their uses

The most common image that comes to mind when someone thinks of bi-fold doors is the modern restaurant with a wall of framed glass that gets opened up during hot days. That entire wall (or most of it) will be a set of bi-folding doors.

You can, of course, just have one bi-folding door. Or, you can have a set of them that can be opened up together.

It’s more common for the single bi-fold door to be used in a residence, while a row of doors would be used commercially.

As for materials, you’ll find bi-fold doors in timber, aluminium, or a mixture of the two. Aluminium is popular for its minimalistic and modern look, while timber is used in more rustic properties.

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