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Why choose Homeline for your Fascias and Soffits

02 December 2020

Vision Home Improvements only uses Homeline brand fascias and soffits when installing any of our roofline solutions because Homeline Building Products have been providing quality roofing packages for many years.

All of the products that we use from Homeline are fully accredited, each has a quality guarantee that has never failed to put the minds of our clients at rest. At Vision, we understand that replacing parts of your roof can be quite stressful, but we like to believe that we can soothe away those worries before the installation process even begins.

What are Fascias and Soffits?

For the products under these names that relation to construction, a fascia board is also identified as a roofline. This is the board that is mounted at the point where the roof and the external walls of a house meet, and it usually carried the gutter of the house at its side.

On the other hand, a soffit is not as easily identified because not all houses have one. Soffit is the name given to the material that is used between the eaves of the roof. To find out if your home has any soffits, walk outside and look up. The underside of any roof overhang that you have is covered by soffits.

Are there any advantages to installing new fascias and soffits?

It may seem like there can’t be many (or any) advantages to having new rooflines or undersides of overhangs installed, but that isn’t quite correct. Both fascias and soffits cover vital parts of your home’s exterior and can be seen as a solution to energy expenditure.

If you think about it, the exterior parts of your house act as a barrier against the cold and the wind. Your home’s exterior is always going to be the thickest part of your house, helping you be more efficient with the energy that you’re using.

Older fascias and soffits may have been damaged over the years that you’ve had them, so they might not be as effective as an energy efficiency solution.

Thankfully, both fascias and soffits aren’t difficult to maintain. There’s very little that you need to do to keep them in good condition, though your soffits won’t see much rain, so they might need to be cleaned every now and then.

Newer fascias and soffits have been made out of lots of great materials, but mostly uPVC. By making these elements of the house out of uPVC, your fascias and soffits won’t need to be painted or repaired (unlike wooden versions of the same products).

Why are Homeline fascias and soffits the best choice?

Homeline’s quality guarantees aside, did you know that you can also recycle their fascias and soffits? That’s right, these uPVC products are 100% recyclable, and Homeline says they can be recycled up to ten separate times.

They also offer soffit lights, in addition to regular soffits, which can add a brighter and more personal touch to the exterior of your home.

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