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Winter upgrades for your home

18 December 2020

The chill is definitely setting in this year, and with plenty more weeks of winter ahead of us, all households have started considering their energy bills and what the cold will do to their homes. Winter is a wonderful time of year, the holidays fill the streets and people’s living rooms with lights, casting the glow of different winter traditions across every neighbourhood.

But it also comes with higher energy bills, cold drafts that seems to come from nowhere, and a lot of worry for any children, vulnerable people, or pets that we have at home.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that you can upgrade your home this winter – and upgrading doesn’t need to cost you a small fortune, either! We’ve compiled a quick list of a few different ways to prepare and customise your home for the coming months, which includes items that are easy to find and purchase, as well as home improvements like the ones we offer here at Vision.Seal up your home

You might not have noticed, but there are a number of cracks, holes, and gaps around your home. All of these areas will be letting in cold air and moisture, making it more difficult to heat your home and keep every room warm.

Start with your external doors and make your way around the house. For doors, we would recommend some draft excluder tape or a door strip. The tape can be used on doors and windows, while the door strip is installed at the bottom of your doors to cover any gap that could be letting a draft in.

These kinds of products are readily available in hardware stores or online marketplaces.

As for cracks and holes in your floors and walls, try expanding foam or silicone sealant (depending on the size of the crack). Anywhere you have pipes will likely have large holes, especially the kitchen and bathroom of your home.


If you haven’t already done this, it would be ideal to insulate a few areas of your home. Your attic and home’s foundation, in particular, could be some of the reasons that your residence is so cold.

Insulation is extremely important in the home; you could be losing air and heat without knowing how to combat the problem.

Warmer windows

Turning to a different solution, have you thought about having new windows installed? During the offseason, you’re more likely to encounter good deals and better availability from home improvement services. This is because companies work more in the warmer months.

We offer a range of amazing windows at Vision Home Improvements, which have been proven to assist you with energy efficiency and provide better insulation for your home. For this post, we’ve picked out our aluminium windows.

These specific windows are designed to offer great weather resistance, thanks to the thermal break that exists between the inside and outside frame of each window. You’ll benefit from modern windows, lower energy bills, and improved insulation. We also offer a range of customisation options for this type of window.

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