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Free up your spare bedroom with these conservatory uses

30 July 2020

There are plenty of ways to turn your conservatory into a spectacular additional room. When you think of a conservatory, what image comes to your mind? A bright room, perhaps one with greenery, and comfortable furnishings? Many homeowners use their conservatory as a kind of sunroom or an extra sitting room, and although these are perfect ideas for a conservatory, there are many other ways to bring out the potential of your home.

Spare bedrooms are often turned into home gyms or home offices. With the help of Vision Home Improvements, change up your conservatory and leave your spare room as a guest bedroom.

Home gym/studio

When homeowners think about creating their own gym or yoga studio at home, they often put their equipment in an unused room and call it a day. It’s less of a gym and more of a spare room with a weight bench and a treadmill stuffed into the corner.

We’re all guilty of letting these areas gather dust, and it’s easy to do so when your “home gym” is at the back of the house behind a closed door.

The beauty of a conservatory is how inviting and visible they are. The tall windows and glass roofing lets in tonnes of light all year round. There’s also the added bonus of having a view of the outdoors while you work out, rather than a view of sweaty strangers.

Conservatories come in a range of shapes and sizes, too, so even if you don’t want a huge extension added onto your home, you can still utilise the space you do add.

This is also a perfect idea for the homeowner who is a dancer or has children enrolled in dance classes. Plenty of natural lighting, open space, and no more banging on the floor from studios or bedrooms on the upper floors of your home. Vision provides entirely bespoke conservatories, and it’s entirely possible to create studio flooring that is suitable for your needs.

Home office

Nothing improves a home more than an office for the adults of the house to have their own space. Having decent work-life balance is crucial at the moment, especially considering the current climate of the world. With so many employees still working from home or running their own businesses from their living rooms, having an office would be a perfection addition to any home.

If you already have a conservatory, transforming your space into a home office couldn’t be easier. Today’s technology makes working from home so very easy, and you won’t even need that much space to set up the equipment that you need. That means that you won’t need to turn your entire conservatory into an office if you don’t want to.

To add more light to your conservatory and make it more spacious, you might want to consider changing up your conservatory roof. A conservatory roof conversion can make a huge amount of difference to your existing space’s look and feel. Vision Home Improvements specialise in all kinds of conservatory work, including glazed roofing, tile roofing, and efficient PVCu windows.

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