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The Benefits of Timeless Sash Windows

10 November 2020

Older properties, such as heritage houses, can suffer from window damage. This damage usually occurs over a long period of time, unless the window fittings were particularly poorly done – then the damage can happen sooner.

The issue of old window fittings

But back on the subject of heritage houses: the houses are associated with suffering from extreme drafts, being very cold throughout the year, or even having issues with damp and mould of various kinds. These associations come from ineffective window glazing (we find that many older houses still use single glazing for their windows), and/or from badly fitted windows.

When a window isn’t fitted well, the entire property can suffer. Poorly fitted windows let in more moisture, whether that comes from air moisture or from the rain. When a window isn’t installed correctly, gaps may accidently be left between the frame and the windowsill where water and air can easily enter the house.

Additionally, your window area (including the frame and windowsill, and the wall around the window) will suffer from water damage.

There are far too many issues that come with poor installations. Damage like this can end up costing homeowners thousands, too; and that’s to say nothing of the health risks that come with living in damp houses.

What are timeless windows?

Timeless windows are made from PVC-U. That’s “Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride” for any of our website visitors that are interested. PCV is a nice, lightweight type of plastic that is commonly used across the construction industry and can be found in basically every modern home. While standard PVC is good for siding, pipes, and fences, PVC-U, where no plasticisers are added, is better for windows and doors.

Why are timeless windows better?

As well as being a modern type of window design, timeless windows are weatherproof – thanks to the material that they’re made from.

When fitted correctly, a weatherproof window material can take care of most (if not, all) of the issues that come from older window fittings in heritage houses.

If that wasn’t enough, our timeless windows are even low-maintenance. They don’t need sanding or painting because they aren’t made of traditional timber. You’ll never have to constantly refresh the paint job on your windows or worry about the paint chipping ever again.

Our timeless windows will also never swell. Wooden windows can retain water, especially in wetter climates. PVC-U does not retain water. This also takes away the possibility of your timeless window rotting or splitting in any way.

All you need to care for your timeless window is a damp cloth to occasionally wipe it down when you’re cleaning or if dust has built up on the frame or windowsill.

Other benefits of Timeless Windows

Still not convinced? Think about all of the potential benefits you could have with a window that doesn’t let moisture or cold air in.

  • Lower heating bills.
  • No unexpected pay outs for water damage.
  • Windows that won’t rot or split over time.
  • More home security that will be available for your modern window design.
  • Double-glazing for a warmer home.

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