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An introduction to our new Gallery composite doors

18 September 2020

Our team at Vision Home Improvements is always looking for the next best thing to help homeowners improve their surroundings and take their home design to the next level. Home design doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming, especially when you have experts on your side who can offer advise and guidance when it comes to the next improvement you want to make.

What are Gallery doors?

Gallery composite doors are stunning products that knock timber doors out of the park. A Gallery door is thicker than the traditional timber door, usually by about 30%, which will provide better strength and structure to your doorway area, as well as better thermal performance.

You won’t need to give up your preferred wooden style either! Gallery doors are available in a range of colours, as well as wood grain effect styles. Unlike many other doors, Gallery doors aren’t painted after they go through their skin process. Instead, the colour is a part of that process, so the paint won’t get chipped or scratched.

These beautiful doors have one of the widest ranges of colours on the market. The standard colour collect is full of deep tones, while the prestige colour collection can add a pop of bright colour to your door or showcase a cool/warm feeling for your home’s entrance. You can even colour match your door frame for a seamless entry into your property.

Why choose a Gallery door?

Let’s move away from colour options, as much as we’d love to wax poetic about the artistry of these doors. There are so many reasons to choose a Gallery door above other market competitors.

You can personalise the lock position for your door with two different options. The heritage lock is higher up than the Gallery door standard lock, but both work just as well as the other.

There’s also a tonne of other design options for the door, itself. From traditional doors with half circle, square, and rectangular windowpanes, to more contemporary and modern door and windowpane designs. For larger doorway openings, you can have side light and top light panes installed to fit with the rest of your Gallery door design.

Need a smoother design for your business premises? Look no further! Gallery doors has a selection of “smooth doors”, which are a perfect match for the exterior or interior of any modern business looking to upgrade their look.

Customise the glass panes of your door, customise the lock and the colour – you can even customise the length of the pull bar if you choose that over a standard door handle.

Speaking of customising the glass, did you know that Gallery doors offer decorative glass for your product? You can choose from an extravagant range of plain and coloured glass designs, giving your home an even more elegant feel.

With a door that can be changed to suit your needs, while offering better thermal protection and being stronger than a regular timber door… Well, you can’t really go wrong with a Gallery door!

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