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Is it time to replace your conservatory roof?

24 September 2020

The conservatory is a great conversation piece for any home; they’re bright, spacious, and very unique to each homeowner. As an extension of the home, a conservatory usually has a lot of thought put into it. No homeowner just hires the first company they come across to smack together an extension and whack it on the end of their home where there’s space. There’s a lot of planning involved. Which is why it can be quite stressful when homeowners notice that their conservatory needs repairing or updating.

Why replace your conservatory roof?

Even if your current conservatory roof isn’t at the end of its lifetime, there are still plenty of good reasons to change your roof to a newer one. Modern housing solutions are always evolving, which means that there are constantly more options out there than there were when you first built your extension.

The main advantage of replacing your conservatory roof is energy efficiency. Newer roofing solutions are better at keeping your conservatory cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. When you can keep the temperature of your extension balanced, you’re less likely to be turning on that plug-in fan or heater when the season changes.

Our team here at Vision Home Improvements are often called out to install new roofing solutions for our clients’ conservatories. At present, we are proud representatives of the Guardian Warm Roof. This particular roof is, in our humble expert opinions, one of the best seasonal temperature solutions for conservatories. We are trusted, verified installers of the Guardian Warm Roof; we know the ins and the outs of the roofing, what makes it so different, and how effective it can be. We wouldn’t want to just stick any old unnamed brand of roofing onto your extension – with us, you’ll get only the best, the most efficient, and the most cost effective.

Benefits of the Guardian Warm Roof

As a home improvement business, we advocate for homeowners to have a Guardian Warm Roof installed over the large number of competitors filling the conservatory roofing solution market. Why should you choose a Guardian Warm Roof over a roofing solution that might be cheaper? Well, when it comes to roofing, something cheaper might not quite meet your needs, and the Guardian Warm Roof brand is extremely cost-effective, considering all of the benefits.

What benefits? Well, we’re glad you asked! Here are just a few of the major advantages of the Guardian Warm Roof brand:

Guardian Warm Roofs can help keep your extension at a consistent temperature throughout the year – you’ll be able to say goodbye to those expensive heating bills.

Alongside this year-round comfort, the roof is designed to reduce exterior noises. This is perfect for anyone who lives in a loud area, or for those that are sensitive to sudden sounds.

You’ll be able to choose from a range of slate options and colours. No one wants the same roof that everyone else has, and customising is one of the best parts of interior design.

For more information, just give our team at Vision Home Improvements a call or drop us an email about these efficient conservatory roofs.

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