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Everything you need to know about cleaning your conservatory

04 April 2021

What to invest in

To start off this post, we’ve put together a short list of purchases that we believe are good investments if you’re planning on cleaning your conservatory yourself, rather than hiring a professional conservatory cleaner to do it for you.

A ladder

Preferably a specialist conservatory ladder, which have the ability to be secured to the top of a conservatory with cross-bearers. Their design prevents damage to the roof of the conservatory while giving you access to the top of your conservatory without the health and safety risks of other types of ladders that cannot be attached to the extension.

A telescopic brush

These cleaning brushes are designed to extend your reach in difficult locations without putting your safety at risk. You can reach high and hard-to-reach areas of your conservatory with ease, even if you have a pitched roof rather than a flat conservatory roof!

Power washing device

For the areas of your conservatory that aren’t made of glass, a power washing is your best cleaning tool. They’re especially effective when cleaning brickwork, stone, and tile that are exposed to the natural world. This is because masonry can be afflicted by moss and algae, which is best cleaned off by using the correct chemicals and a good power washer.

Health and safety

Where possible, always clean your conservatory roof (or any areas that may require the use of a ladder) with a second person. Working in a team of two will ensure that you don’t overextend yourself when cleaning, leading to falls, trips, and slips.

This is particularly concerning when a ladder is involved, because so many at-home accidents happen when someone is using a ladder incorrectly or unsafely.

Hire a professional

As always, we recommend that you hire a professional conservatory cleaner if you feel like you cannot complete the cleaning of your extension with ease and a sense of safety. A professional conservatory cleaner will have the tools, the experience, and the training to complete the task of cleaning your conservatory without any incidences.

But, if you do feel that you’d prefer to clean your own conservatory, check out these quick tips:

A Vision Home Improvements Conservatory

How to clean your conservatory

Never put any weight on your conservatory roof. This type of roof is not made to be load-bearing. Rather, they are created to add an aesthetic to your home and let more light into the extension that they sit on top of. To clean your conservatory roof, use a ladder that can secure itself to the side of your conservatory – one that attaches to the top, as described earlier in this post. You can extend your natural reach by using a telescopic brush, rather than moving onto the roof, itself.

Windows and window frames
To clean the windows, you could either use a glass window cleaner or soapy water. Getting rid of the excess is easy with a squeegee, and you could use a microfibre cloth to ensure that there won’t be any streaks. Soapy water is perfect for window frames, too.

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