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Roof Lanterns for Conservatories

16 August 2021

Lantern roofs can make wonderful additions to a conservatory. They’re a unique and eye-catching alternative to standard flat conservatory roofs, giving homeowners more options to make their extension a true part of their home.

What is a Roof Lantern?

A roof lantern, or lantern style roof, refers to a set of glass panels installed into a flat roof that are elevated above the roof itself. These panels created a pitched shape. Their name likely comes from the obvious lantern-like style of the roof lantern. If you were to cut a glass lantern in half, it would more or less look like roof lanterns do.

Roof Lantern installed in Liverpool

History of roof lanterns

Not to be confused with lantern roofs, which have special meaning in several Asian cultures, the roof lantern is an architectural skylight structure that is installed as part of a larger roof.

The glazed lantern that inspired these skylights was created during the Middle Ages. It wasn’t until the Renaissance that architecture developed to include this style of roofing – and it can be seen throughout many cathedral structures in Europe.

In the 16th century, when France and Italy began constructing orangeries, builders would include a roof lantern. However, Post-Renaissance roof lanterns were not constructed well and were prone to occasionally leaking water into the orangeries. This was because they were crafted from wood and glass in the beginning and wouldn’t be made from metal until a couple of centuries later.

Today, roof lanterns are used in a huge number of modern structures. They have the benefit of advances in glass glazing techniques, better sealing techniques, and can be easily made to custom fit your roofing project. They aren’t just used in home, either. Many commercial properties and public buildings have this kind of skylight installed to give them a more contemporary look and allow more natural light into the room.

The benefits of roof lanterns

A roof lantern allows you to bring natural lighting into a particular area of your home in a creative way. Standard conservatories often have flat roofs, and though these can offer enough lighting, there’s no real need for your conservatory roof to be flat planes of glass.

Installing a roof lantern means that the natural light channelled through the skylight will light up the centre of your conservatory. The rays of the sun will be able to flood the room, creating a soft glow, rather than harsh lighting and shadows.

Energy efficiency is another great reason to have a roof lantern skylight installed. Roof lanterns are designed to be energy efficient, which can help regulate the temperature of your conservatory all year round. Does your home suffer from sweltering hot summers and frigid winters that make the conservatory too uncomfortable to use? A roof lantern could be the best solution for you.

Flat conservatory roofs may help with energy efficiency, but you can’t control the amount of magnified heat and light that is entering your home’s extension. With a roof lantern, you’re leaving room for heat to disperse around your conservatory.

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