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Saving money on your property with energy efficiency

19 January 2021

Snow has already fallen several times this year, and it doesn’t look like the weather will be warming up any time soon. This is, without a doubt, one of the most expensive times of year for energy bills. There’s only so much thick jumpers and blankets can do to stave off the cold chill in the air, particularly if you and your family live in a home with thin walls and high ceilings.

Thankfully, being energy efficient doesn’t mean that you need to turn your heating off and keep it off. No, there are plenty of other ways to reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint without being able to see your breath each time you exhale.

Did you know that the average household spends over £1250 on their energy bills each year? Unfortunately, that makes energy costs one of the biggest bills that people in the UK have to deal with.

Let’s take a quick look at a few simple ways you can start saving on your energy bills:

Turn it off
There are plenty of appliances, electronics, and more that we all have shoved into a plug socket at home. If these devices are turned off, that’s all fine and dandy, but think about the laptop that you’ve left charging throughout the day, the TV on standby mode, and the washing machine that finished its cycle an hour ago.

Each of these devices is using electricity to keep itself powered. Even though your laptop is fully charged, the charger is still accessing electricity. The same goes for any other device that is still turned on in your home, even if you’re not using it.

Turning off your appliances and devices at their plug socket can take around £30 off your bill. That might not sound like a lot for a year of electricity, but in the long run, £30 could be your weekly food shopping bill.

Smart metres
Smart metres are great devices that many gas and electric companies have rolled out across the nation. If you don’t have one yet, check whether your energy supplier has scheduled them to be installed in your area and get yourself on the list.

Having a visible display that tells you how much energy you’re using is sure to help you figure out why your bill is higher than usual.

Check your windows and doors
A lot of older houses won’t have energy efficient windows and doors. However, having these kinds of windows and doors fitted can help you reduce your energy costs by keeping your home warm and free of excess moisture.

Your home will be more comfortable, warmer, quieter, and it’ll look good too. At Vision Home Improvements, we have several window and door options that would be suitable for anyone looking to upgrade their home.

Savings for homes that switch to double glazing alone could be anywhere from £50 to £120 a year, depending on the type of home you have. And that’s just double glazing! Imagine your bill reductions with windows and doors that are designed to be much more energy efficient.

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