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Five Home Improvement Projects To Improve Your Property Today

02 June 2021

Home improvement projects can be wonderful investments and boredom cures. For a small project, like re-painting the master bedroom of your home or building a make-shift garden bar, you’ll spend little money and have plenty of fun designing. Larger projects, such as kitchen or bathroom renovation, are great options if you’re looking to add more value to your home without building an extension.

Make your garden a useable space

What we mean by this is make your garden into a space that is functional for you and the other residents of your home.

Home Improvement - Couple Working in Garden

For your children

If you have children, a garden area can be transformed into a wonderland by adding in a few pieces of play equipment, a sandbox, a pool, or by building a hideout for your kids to play in. There’s also the added benefit of having extra hands that are more than willing to get messy and help you with the painting aspect.

For you and your significant other

For the solo garden owner, create a space that reflects you and allows you to unwind and relax. Couples can benefit from the same thing. This can be achieved by adding in a garden swing or a bench, starting your own garden with a small greenhouse, and giving your space a theme.

Add an office space

Provided you have a small room in your house that can be used as an office space, you’re golden. But for those of us that don’t have the extra room, why not section off part of a room and dedicate it to being an office area?

You can create this space in a bedroom, living room, or a reception room. If you have a little nook somewhere in your home that’s big enough for a desk and a chair to fit, you have yourself the makings of an office space.

Create a gallery

There are more than likely a few pieces of artwork that you’ve purchased and haven’t had the chance to hang up yet. When we buy objects that we like the look of, we don’t always envision their final location in our homes.

To rectify this, pull out any artwork that you’ve purchased over the years, as well as any certifications and diplomas that you’d like to display. Choose a long-running wall in the house to make into a gallery-type display area. Many homeowners and renters enjoy using the wall of the staircase for this purpose.

Buy frames for any of the documents or artwork that need frames, make sure they all match and compliment each other, and then hang them in a way that looks pleasing.

Refresh the walls

Home improvement doesn’t have to be a costly endeavour. Check out the paint shelf in your utility cupboard or shed, find the colours that match the rooms they were originally used in, and repaint. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the look of a room, and it gives you a chance to replaster the walls and sand down any bad patch jobs. Find our more in our blog post on How to decorate your house on a budget.

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