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Getting The Most Out Of Your Conservatory During Summer

23 June 2021

The weather is heating up quick here in the UK and though restrictions are still in place, there’s nothing stopping you from relaxing in your conservatory and enjoying the sunshine.

That is, until the extension on your home becomes so unbearably hot that you’re almost certain that you’re baking in an oven. The reason this happens isn’t terribly common knowledge. Those of us with conservatories seem to just wave off any concerns because it’s how the room has always been. But there is a way to keep your conservatory cooler and it starts by understanding why it’s getting so hot in the first place.

Why conservatories get hot

Think about your conservatory at home. An open space, likely several large windows and a glass ceiling, or potentially an almost entirely glass structure... All those windows let in an enormous amount of natural light during the day. With that light, comes heat from the sun. With no way for the heat to escape the room, it just keeps raising the temperature until it becomes an unbearable hot box and there’s no way to use the room.

Cooling down a conservatory

Without a doubt, there are a number of ways to cool down a conservatory during a hot day. Sure, you could use an electric fan or three, perhaps you could install air conditioning in that room or buy a portable air conditioner that you only turn on when someone is using the extension.

Other quick ways to cool down your conservatory include putting up blinds to stop the light from entering the room or adding specialist conservatory cooling film to the glass of your conservatory. But these may detract from the stunning views of your garden on a warm summer’s day, so surely there’s another solution...?

Replacement Conservatory Roof

Consider replacing the roof

Hot conservatories are a common problem. At Vision Home Improvements, we can help our customers with this issue thanks to one simple solution: A replacement conservatory roof. We are proud installers of the Guardian Warm Roof, a roof that provides year-round comfort in your home’s extension, without the need for air cons, fans, or leaving every door and window as open as you can.

A Guardian Warm Roof has three layers of insulation, which will help protect your household during the winter and keep your energy bills down by making your conservatory heater redundant. For the summer, you can benefit from that same layering helping prevent heat gain.

Vision Home Improvements are approved Guardian roof installers. We can assist homeowners in Liverpool, and those who live in other areas of the North West of England, with their fitting of a Guardian Warm Roof.

Make the most out of your conservatory this summer with a replacement roof that will keep your conservatory at a mild temperature throughout the year. Having an extension is a great part of owning a home, which means that it’s important to enjoy the space without worrying about getting overheated during the summer months.

View our full range of conservatory solutions including our replacement roofs service.

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