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What to consider before renovating your bathroom

25 March 2021

Finally sick of staring at the same off-white coloured walls you’ve had in your bathroom since forever? You’re certainly not the first homeowner to realise that something needs to be done about the monotone and boring aesthetic of an untouched household bathroom. Renovating a room, however, is a huge step, so here are four things to consider before you start knocking down any walls:

Choose a theme and stick to it

We all get distracted by anything pretty and shiny that we come across in a homeware or hardware store, but just because you like it doesn’t mean that it will work with the rest of the bathroom you’re planning. When shopping, always keep a firm image of the bathroom you want in your mind and keep a list of colours, fixture types, and accents that you know work with the overall theme that you’re going for.

If possible, take samples of tiles or colour swatches with you on any shopping trip. When you pick up a potential new addition, compare it against the rest of the things you have for your bathroom. If it matches and you have a place for it to go, then sure, buy it! But if you’re going down the route of “I’m sure I can put it somewhere”, maybe put it down and come back for it later once you know where it will go.

Don’t guestimate your budget

The worse thing you can do to yourself when renovating is trick yourself into thinking that you have more money in your budget than you actually do. Have a firm upper number written down and keep a list or excel sheet that you constantly update with any new purchases or building fees.

If you go over budget, that money needs to come from somewhere. It’s better to underestimate your budget rather than put down an approximate number that might not be as much as you actually have for the renovation.

Try before you buy

The most common mistake of bathrooms is poor fitting bathtubs. Not that they’re installed incorrectly, but that the individuals who own the house find that they’re too narrow or far too big.

Don’t be afraid of getting inside a bathtub when you’re trying to pick out the one that you want. Sit in it, lie down, have a wiggle. You should have enough room to stretch out and not have the tub digging into you. In addition, double-check the measurements of the tub to the space that you have for it.

Durable flooring is the only choice

For our sanity, please don’t put carpet in your bathroom. It causes a whole host of problems, and wet carpet is not a nice feeling. You’ll want to select a material like stone or marble, ceramic tiles are good, too! You can absolutely make your bathroom look stylish with a good selection of floor tiling, and you won’t need to go anywhere near carpet in a wet room ever again.

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