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Amazing benefits of Rockdoor doors

26 May 2021

The company Rockdoor has been around for over two decades, developing innovative door designs that are the strength of the door industry. They make all of their composite doors in their facility in Lancashire, paying special attention to each one of their products throughout the entire manufacturing process. Rockdoor don’t cut corners to create their stunning and unique doors.

Rockdoor, as a company name, may make you envision plain doors that have little detail – but we assure you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. As approved installers of Rockdoors in the Liverpool area, we have had the privilege of bringing the Rockdoor name to a number of residences.

Rockdoor installation Liverpool

As such, here are a few benefits that come with utilising doors from the Rockdoor brand:

Security with strength

The Rockdoor brand name is associated with security so much that the emergency services have to specifically train to gain access to a building through a Rockdoor door. In the unlikely event that emergency services need quick access to your home, homeowners should know that their new Rockdoor door won’t pose an issue for the police or the fire services.

For would-be burglars, that does mean that your home isn’t going to be on their list of ideal choices. Rockdoor doors are notoriously strong; even battering rams cannot be used against them. This was proved back in 2004 when police had to change tactics several times to try and enter a building that was using a Rockdoor brand door. If the police, with all their access to equipment, can’t break down a Rockdoor, a petty thief is going to find trying to break into your home rather futile.

Energy saving

The thermal efficiency of the Rockdoor brand ensures that you will be able to save some cash from your yearly energy bills. They can do this by helping you add more protection to your home against the elements, and all you need is your own Rockdoor brand door.

There is, in fact, an entire range of Rockdoor doors that have an A-rating for thermal performance. According to the official Rockdoor website, there are over 25 different Rockdoor brand doors available that have the A++ energy rating.

The company is able to create doors with this rating by using their technology to eliminate any draughts from around the class of their doors; among other additional options that buyers can choose for their door.

Little to no maintenance

Because of the material the doors are made of, your Rockdoor brand door is extremely low maintenance. Rockdoor’s products are made of PVC-U, there’s no wood in their composition, so they won’t swell or get damaged by water.

Thanks to this make-up, owners of the wonderful doors from Rockdoor can simply wipe down their doors on occasion. A little warm, soap-laden water will go a long way when the door of your home gets dirty during the wetter months of the year. Otherwise, it shouldn’t need much cleaning at all.

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