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How to Make Your Home More Winter-Friendly

25 November 2021

As the cold sets in more and more each day, every renter and homeowner around is scrambling to find ways to reduce their energy bills and make their home more comfortable for a long British winter. Here in the UK, we often see cold and icy weather lasting until March, sometimes April. Snow is always expected at some point, though no one is ever really certain when.

Lowering your gas bill

The gas bill is one of the biggest worries of the winter season. The easiest way to lower it is to just keep your boiler turned off unless you’re using the hot water for one reason or another. There are positives and negatives to doing this, but it can be an effective way to save some cash if done right.

However, the main downside to keeping your boiler off is that it takes an extremely long time to warm up your house if you ever put your central heating on. Therefore, instead of keeping your boiler turned off, utilise the timers to put your central heating on for a few hours a day, when it’s most chilled and you’re awake enough to benefit from the heat.

Getting rid of the chill

Door draft stoppers are your friend this time of year. You can either buy one or make one. Most readily available ones are stuffed like bean bags, made of foam, or are designed to slip under the gap and push material up against either side of the door in question. For external doors, the bean bag ones are very effective, and they’ll move with the door when it’s opened. The only annoying thing is having to constantly push it back into place.

To make a draft stopper for your door, you just need a length of fabric and some teddy bear stuffing. You don’t even need a sewing machine because the simple stitch can be done by hand. It’s similar to making a cushion.

Alternatively, you can find draught excluder tape which can be used on doors and windows. This tape is usually a thin strip of foam with an adhesive side.

Fabric is your friend

Whether it’s in the shape of fluffy blankets, jumpers and hoodies, scarfs, or even your curtains, make sure you’re using everything you have at your disposal to stay warm. You’re at home, no one cares if you’re wearing a hat and scarf indoors.

Keeping your curtains shut will help keep heat inside your home, too. The curtains can act as a blocker against drafts from the window. You can even buy decent blackout curtains from Amazon for a low price which are heavy enough to be effective when used in this way.

Shut the doors

Lastly, keep the doors shut to trap heat in each room. Also consider using fewer rooms in your home than you do during the rest of the year. There’s no rule saying you can’t stay in your bedroom all day if that’s where it’s warmest.

New energy efficient windows and doors

Another major thing to consider are getting new energy efficient windows and doors installed in your property.

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