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Five easy DIY projects for your home

23 September 2021

Home DIY projects don’t need to be huge, expensive renovations to make a big impact on how your house looks. DIY can be amazingly fun for all the family, and even the kids can get involved in the smaller projects that don’t involve anything sharp or electrical.

To get you started with some home DIY during these colder months, here are five easy DIY projects that anyone can do.

#1 Glass bottle LEDs

No new furniture in this first project, just some upcycling that will make some excellent Autumn/Winter decorations for your home. All you need for this project is some clean glass bottles.

Once you have your glass bottles, you’ll need to decide what you want to do with them. There are a few options here. The quickest way to make something out of these is to buy a string of LED lights to pop inside the bottles.

Alternatively, you can purchase LEDs with their own bottle stopper top that uses watch batteries to power the lights. You can then go on to decorating the bottles with twine, faux flowers, and even spell out words using cardboard or wooden letters.

#2 Make a reading nook

You’ll need either a space under the stairs or in the corner of a room for this one. Pad out the area with pillows, blankets, bean bags, or a comfy chair that isn’t being used elsewhere. Give the reading nook its own lamp and LED string lights for that magical feel, and then add a mini bookshelf that can double as a table.

For a window reading nook, why not make a long cushion to go on top of an ottoman and add some throw pillows?

#3 Make your own bookshelf

Wood is a vital part of this DIY project. You could use wood from a pallet or go and buy some from your nearest hardware store. Measure and cut the wood to create a bookshelf of the desired size and use a drill to insert screws that secure it all together.

Go the extra mile by staining or painting the bookshelf once it’s standing!

#4 Customise a mirror

Mirror acrylic is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a glass mirror, and the material is easy to decorate with paint and glue.

Once you have the size of mirrored acrylic you want, you can carefully sand down the edges with an electric sander if you want a custom shape – or just order the shape you prefer to save you some work.

To decorate your mirror, simply use hot glue to stick anything to its surface or pick up some decent paint that is suitable for use on plastic because that’s all acrylic is.

#5 Make your own planter

Similar to the bookshelf, you’ll need some spare wood, a saw, screws, and a drill for this. The quickest planters to make this way will be square or rectangle, and you’ll need to remember to drill holes in the bottom of each planter to allow for drainage.

All you need is four sides and a bottom panel to make your own planter – how easy is that?

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