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Keep Out Excessive Energy Costs with Quality Doors and Windows

04 August 2022

Your doors and windows are the first line of defence that your home has against cold weather. Even in the summer months, the weather can turn so quickly here in the UK. It’s almost like we have a few days of summer, rather than a few months!

Energy is expensive, that’s a fact. The 54% price increase wasn’t something that anyone could reasonably prepare for, and it’s left a number of homeowners and renters scrambling to figure out how to keep the costs down when there’s no company to switch to with a lower price.

The first part of your home you should make more efficient is your doors and windows. Sure, there are plenty of low temperature tricks and tips, but at this point, surely you’ve tried them all? There’s only so many blankets in the cupboard, and the end of summer is quickly approaching.

A set of energy efficient doors and windows could be the key to keeping your energy costs down for the rest of the year.

Energy efficient window options

At Vision, we offer aluminium windows. These are special because they have a thermal break layer between the inside and outside frames that can provide better insulation for your home. When your home is better insulated, your energy bills are lower because you don’t spend the money on trying to heat up every room to a comfortable level.

When you’re looking at windows for the sole purpose of energy efficiency, you’ll want to check for a rating of A, and ask about window composition. Windows that are double or triple glazed are the top choices for keeping out the chill and lowering bills.

View the full range of energy efficient windows by Vision Home Improvements.

Energy efficient door options

There are some really great door options at Vision, crafted for energy efficiency and security. Elitis doors are stylish, often chosen for home extensions where the homeowner needs to add in a more secure door to their patio. They can be solid or glazed, and there’s a range of customization options. Despite often being chosen for extensions, it’s completely possible to purchase an Elitis door for other areas of your home – we have entrance doors and several other options in this range.

Another excellent Elitis door is the French door option. French doors have a more traditional appearance but retain the modern thermal performance that you expect from today’s door solutions. You can completely open up your home, ventilate the room, and let in more light with these doors.

Like our windows, all of our doors have energy efficiency with a rating of A. Older doors and windows may be letting cold air slip into your home unnoticed. Double glazing only came to the UK in the 70s, despite having existed in the US back in the 1940s. That means that more traditional homes which have their “original features” may have the looks, but they may be suffering from a lack of thermal protection which is provided by today’s modern doors and windows.

View the full range of energy efficient doors by Vision Home Improvements.

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