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The 2022 Energy Bill Rise

01 April 2022

As with any major financial change, there’s a fair bit of misinformation surrounding the energy price hike that will start on April 1st this year. Headlines use click-bait titles that tell the general public that their energy bills will be raised up by almost £700, but that isn’t quite the truth.

The actual rise is 54%, which means that your bill will be going up by a substantial amount, but not everyone is going to see a huge increase. It all depends on how much energy you’re currently using in your home and what you will be paying for it as of April 1st. All energy companies are raising their prices, so it has been advised that there’s no point in switching to another energy company because you’ll lose the protection that your current one offers you.

Did you take a meter reading?

If you decided not to take a meter reading on March 31st, we highly suggest taking one as soon as possible. Without drawing a line between the old energy rates and your new one, you could be paying extra for energy you already used before the prices went up.

Call your energy company and have them calculate how much you owe for what you already used. We can’t guarantee that your supplier will be able to help you if you’re giving them a late reading, but there’s no harm in asking if they can.

Understanding your new tariff

It’s likely that you’ve been automatically switched to your supplier’s standard tariff. This isn’t a bad thing! By not selecting a new tariff and letting the change happen automatically, you may have saved money. New tariffs coming into effect are more expensive, while existing customers who have been automatically switched won’t be hit with huge charges.

Go into your account through your energy supplier’s website and check what tariff you’re currently on. You’ll be able to compare your new tariff to your old bills to see exactly how much more you’re paying per unit of gas and electricity.

Upcoming price changes

There will be another price cap coming into effect in October, which has been estimated at a further 24%. Between April and October, it’s worth looking at fixing your tariff and seeing what deals your energy supplier can offer you.

By choosing a fixed tariff, you’ll have a full year where your charges cannot be changed.

How to save money on your energy bills

  • Look into switching to direct debit rather than paying on receipt of your bill. You might be able to save up to 10%!
  • Don’t switch to another energy supplier. Chances are that your current tariff is the cheapest available to you.
  • Consider alternative ways of staying warm at home. Use blankets, low kwh heating devices, hot water bottles, and try to stopper up any parts of your home that let in a breeze.
  • Don’t use comparison sites right now, go directly to suppliers.
  • Look into the energy bill discount scheme for a bit of help this winter. Remember, you will have to pay this back over the coming years.

It's also a good time to consider other ways of saving money on your property with a more energy efficient house.

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