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Open up your home to Spring!

09 May 2022

As the weather starts to warm up and the sun is hiding behind the clouds less often, we start to open up our homes. We entertain more, have guests over for snacks and a chat, and bask in the light that finally starts to heat up the dreary chill of the UK.

Residences of this fair isle will agree that there’s only so much sun you can bring into your home with the act of opening a window. Leaving your door open isn’t safe, especially if you have children or animals. Instead of sticking with the small amount of light that your house gains from the Spring sunshine, consider making some changes to your home’s construction or features.

Change your doors

Bifold doors can be a beautiful addition to any home where the homeowner is looking to achieve more sunlight throughout the day. Bifold doors can be installed anywhere in the home, which makes it possible to have both internal and external doors of this type. Most homeowners opt to install a Bifold door at the rear of their house to replace their original back door.

By doing this, homeowners can choose to have anywhere from three to several glass panes across a solid wall. It’s common for bifold doors to be added into conservatory and orangery designs, but there’s no reason that you couldn’t open up the kitchen or rear room of your home with these doors.

For more information read our more detailed blog post on Why should I consider bifold doors for my house.

Build a conservatory

Speaking of conservatories, these extension rooms are an excellent way to have a part of your home that is dedicated to the light that can be brought in naturally, rather than having a bunch of artificial lights. We would still recommend having some LED lights installed for night time and the darker months, but during Spring and Summer you won’t need to use much electricity in the room.

An extension allows for another functional room in your home. The common conservatory is used as a guest space or for dining. Combining a conservatory with bifold doors allows you to bring nature into your home while still giving you the benefits of modern comfort.

We offer a range of conservatory solutions, including Orangeries, Lanterns and Replacement Roofs.

Add a patio

The option between just installing new doors and paying for a whole extension is to lay a patio. Patios can be as simple or complex as you want them to be, and many homeowners will lay their own patio if they have the right experience with DIY.

A patio also doesn’t have to be directly next to your home, though that is the traditional location. You could create a raised area further inside your garden to entertain guests on and have a unique pathway leading up to it.

All you need to create a simple patio is a level area of your garden that can be dug out, your chosen slabs, and the correct concrete mixes. There are plenty of tutorials available online these days, and a simple patio design is something that most homeowners can achieve with a little help.

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